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    A mom (Argentina) captures a strange creature while filming her son. She believes it to be a Duende, which is a fairy or goblin-like creature from Latin American or Filipino folklore.



    really running too!!! out here!!!!!!!!!!

    holy shit I’ve heard about this folklore in the Philippines

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  3. Anonymous said: How to you keep your skin healthy with your hectic schedule?


    1. Drink LOADS of water. LOADS.

    2. I abide by the principles of food karma: if I ate raw fruit and veggies for lunch and walked to and from the VA, I have earned homemade nachos for a snack! Try to stay in as much positive food karma as possible. You are what you eat, and if your diet is completely full of shit then your skin will reflect that.

    3. Don’t put a bunch of crap on your skin that you don’t need to. I wear the full face paint- tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, bronzer, powder- very rarely. The makeup I wear on the daily is eyeliner and mascara, however, some folks might want more/less makeup and that’s ok. Just go as light as you can get away with.

    4. Wash your face every night with something nice. And keep it moisturized.

    5. You get what you pay for. Sometimes drugstore beauty products are fine, but sometimes the investment is worth it to avoid putting all kinds of gnarly preservatives, dyes, and other weird stuff on your skin. You can also make a ton of beauty products yourself!


    7. NEVER SMOKE CIGARETTES. It will drastically reduce how long you look cute.

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    tell me you didn’t want a transparent dancing Carleton on your dash. 

    Tell me.

    Happy birthday to ME.

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    Can we just have every superhero react like that?

    "A spider bite… gave me abs…?"

    "Being put in a barrel of radioactive waste… gave me abs…?" 

    "Watching my parents die…gave me abs?"

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    Jumbotron board operator was on fire at the Dallas Stars game!

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    And you’ll never have one.

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